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ILT750 Hyperbilirubinemia Light Meter/Radiometer

ILT750 Hyperbilirubinemia Light Meter/Radiometer
ILT750 Hyperbilirubinemia Light Meter/Radiometer
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ACCESSORIES: Operator Manual, Calibration Certificate, Detector, 3 Foot Detector Cable, Removable Protective Boot



The ILT750 Bili Light Meter is the ultimate light measurement solution for your neonatal jaundice treatment system.  With the ILT750 you no longer need to manually record and calculate multiple measurements to get your irradiance value. Instead simply scan the ILT750 detector over the blanket or under the light source and let the meter do the math for you.  

  • Dual units with broad sensitivity range:  .08 to 8000 µW/cm2/nm, 3.0 to 300,000 µW/cm2
  • 5-digit display resolution
  • Peak response at 470 nm to match bilirubin action spectrum
  • ISO17025 Accredited and NIST Traceable calibration
  • ISO13485 Accredited, Class 1 Medical Device
  • Cosine corrected sensor for accurate spatial response
  • Band Irradiance (µW/cm2/nm) or Irradiance (W/cm2
  • Works with traditional sources as well as LED
  • Works on bili blankets, pads or overhead lamps
  • Simple to use device
  • Easy to clean housing
  • Compact, easy-to-hold, ergonomic design
  • Uses AA batteries


ILT750 Device Specifications

Meter Current rage:  1 nA to 1.65 uA
Optical Sensor 420 - 520 nm
  470 nm peak
Measurement Features:  
Band Irradiance Range .08 to 8000 µW/cm2/nm
Irradiance Range 3 to 300,000 µW/cm2
Visualization Intensity over time, Plus Peak
Stats Min, Max, and Average
Screen Update .5 seconds
Units µW/cm2/nm and µW/cm2
Power Supply 2 AA batteries
Mechanical Dimensions (in mm)  
Meter 160 x 70 x 35  (HxWxD) 
Meter Display 50 x 32 (WxH)
Sensor 65 x 43 x 32 (includes 5mm room for wire to bend) (HxWxD)
Meter & Sensor Mounted 205 x 70 x 35 (HxWxD)
Cable 860 mm (2.8 ft)
Weight 220g (0.5 lb)
Mounting Sensor attaches to top of meter face up or down.  Can also be used detached.
Ambient Temperature 0-40 Deg C
Cosine Correction Yes
Linearity Validation Yes