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IMT Analytics AG FlowAnalyser CITREX H5 TEST SET

IMT Analytics AG FlowAnalyser CITREX H5 TEST SET
IMT Analytics AG FlowAnalyser CITREX H5 TEST SET IMT Analytics AG FlowAnalyser CITREX H5 TEST SET IMT Analytics AG FlowAnalyser CITREX H5 TEST SET
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Brand: IMT Medical
Product Code: CITREX H5
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INCLUDES• CITREX H5• SmartLung Adult (1L)• CITREX Webserver configurator and monitoring• FlowLab software• Oxygen sensor• Adapter set• Laminar flow tube• Car adapter• Micro SD memory card• Protection filter• USB cable • Ethernet cable• Power supply• Carrying bag• Battery pack• USB adapter• Quick start manual

With the test set CITREX H5 you are perfectly equipped for your daily work. The high-precision measuring instrument CITREX H5 is the ideal solution to check and calibrate your gas flow and pressure generating devices simply and accurately. The extensive accessories include all required parts which are necessary for an accurate measurement.

The CITREX H5 is ideal for mobile use due to its robust and compact design. The device measures bi-directional flows, pressure, temperatures and oxygen concentrations. The 4.3” high resolution colour touch screen displays both numerical and graphical and trending data perfectly. The intuitive user interface is easily configurable, with options to save multiple profiles to suit many different applications. With a choice of 26 different flow, pressure and ventilation parameters, plus trend data, it is possible to configure the CITREX H5 exactly to your needs.

The FlowLab software, which is also included in the test set, can log all parameters in detail. High-resolution real-time curves, trending and advanced logging capabilities to Excel makes it indispensable for research. Detailed customizable reports can be produced, saved and printed

The CITREX H5 is pre-programmed with 17 different gas standards and 8 different gas types. The device calculates and records all relevant ventilation parameters; these can then be transmitted via one of the many interfaces and saved to memory card. The differential pressure connection with a measuring range of ±200mbar and the high-pressure connection with a range of 0–10bar allow highly precise pressure measurements for many different applications.

CITREX H5 test set contains:
• SmartLung Adult (1L)
• CITREX Webserver configurator and monitoring
• FlowLab software
• Oxygen sensor
• Adapter set
• Laminar flow tube
• Car adapter
• Micro SD memory card
• Protection filter
• USB cable • Ethernet cable
• Power supply • Carrying bag
• Battery pack
• USB adapter
• Quick start manual
CITREX H5 test set for inspecting and certifying:
• CPAP/ bi-level ventilators
• ICU ventilators
• High-frequency ventilators
• Blood pressure monitors
• Oxygen concentrators
• Spirometers
• CO2 insufflators
• Medical gas supplies