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Pronk Technologies' PM-1 Pressure MAX Digital Pressure Meter

Pronk Technologies' PM-1 Pressure MAX Digital Pressure Meter
Pronk Technologies' PM-1 Pressure MAX Digital Pressure Meter
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Brand: Pronk Technologies
Product Code: PM-1
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ACCESSORIES:  (1) PM-1-XL-M Pressure MAX Digital Pressure Meter, (1) PM-1WCH: 2 feet of high pressure 1/4″ ID tubing with (1) PMC Female to ¼” barb fitting, (1) PMC Female to ¼” barb fitting, (4) PMC Male to ¼” barb fitting, (1) ¼” x 1/8” barbed reducer, (1) ¼” x 3/8” barbed reducer, (1) Female Luer to 1/4″ barb fitting, (1) Adapt-PM1QD: 2″ low pressure 1/8″ ID tubing with (1) Quick Disconnect fitting, and (1) 1/8” barbed T fitting, (2) AA alkaline batteries, (1) Power Supply, and (1) Carrying Case.

Pressure MAX Digital Pressure Meter has three ports to measure pressure: a wide port, a narrow port, and a differential port. It features extremely accurate measurements of positive, negative (vacuum), and differential pressures for fluid, gas, or air. Provides remarkable ranges of -300 to 400 mmHg (narrow port) and -14 to 100 PSI (wide port) for testing virtually any type of medical device. It is so compact (1.25” x 2.6” x 3.3”) that it fits into your shirt pocket and is battery-operated.

Pressure MAX is the most versatile and advanced meter in the industry, eliminating the need to purchase multiple pressure meters. Integrated Pronk Mobilize™ wireless technology captures electronic data for a complete automatic test report from your smart device.*


  • Smallest biomedical Digital Pressure Meter on the market! Half the size of other pressure meters
  • Extreme Performance — 2X More Accurate**:
Narrow Port -300 to 400 mmHg **Positive Pressure: 0.2% of Reading or 0.3 mmHg, whichever is greater
Negative Pressure: 1%
Wide Port -14 to 100 PSI 1% of Reading or 0.05 PSI, whichever is greater
Differential Port   1% of Reading
  • Pressure Testing of Fluid, Gas or Air
  • 11 units of Measure: mmHg, PSI, inH2O, cmH2O, kPa, atm, inHg, bar(a), bar(g), mbar(a), mbar(g)
  • Thumbscrew Exhaust Port: expels air bubbles or fluids during testing (wide port)
  • Set your own Pressure Targets and Pass/Fail Tolerance: confirm pressure results are in tolerance without reading the display. Unit glows to indicate tolerance: Blue (below tolerance), Green (within tolerance), and Red (over tolerance)
  • Peak Pressure Indicator
  • Digital Timer: start-stop integrated timer for leak / inflation rates
  • Integrated Pronk Mobilize Wireless Solution provides automated testing and data collection capabilities.
  • Runs on 2 AA batteries
  • Most rugged digital pressure / vacuum meter – passes drop testing 50 times from 3 feet
  • 4-year warranty