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IMT Analytics AG FlowAnalyser PF-301 VAC

IMT Analytics AG FlowAnalyser PF-301 VAC
IMT Analytics AG FlowAnalyser PF-301 VAC IMT Analytics AG FlowAnalyser PF-301 VAC IMT Analytics AG FlowAnalyser PF-301 VAC IMT Analytics AG FlowAnalyser PF-301 VAC IMT Analytics AG FlowAnalyser PF-301 VAC
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Brand: IMT Medical
Product Code: PF-301 VAC
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ACCESSORIES:  Transport Case, User Manual, USB Cable, Power Supply 100-240VAC with Protection Filter Pall and Adapter Set
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Measuring your pneumatic equipment for reliability and precision with a dependable calibration tool is critical in avoiding fatal errors. Precision and reliability are exactly what the FlowAnalyserTM Product Line provides. The FlowAnalyserTM measures flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and O2 concentrations bi-directionally. The one-of-a-kind Adult, Pediatric and High Frequency ventilation measuring modes make the FlowAnalyserTM the ideal calibration tool for all ventilators, anesthesia machines and spirometers. The FlowAnalyserTM distinguishes itself from other calibration tools by combining a simple, intuitive multilingual user interface with the highest precision. FlowLab software complements the FlowAnalyserTM by offering a wide range of graphical analysis capabilities. Swiss devotion to detail at its best.
  • Flow measurements (high and low range) for air, oxygen and nitrous oxide
  • Volume measurements (automatically or with external trigger input)
  • Pressure measurements (high and low range) for compressed gases and patient pressure
  • Oxygen concentration from 0…100%
  • Gas temperature measurement
  • Gas humidity measurement
  • Several interfaces (RS232, Ethernet, USB, analog) to archive data on a PC or printer
FlowLab™ Software is the ideal software package. Over the easy menu controlled interaction the type of display for the measurements can be selected: real-time curves, numeric values, statistics, trendings!
Low Flow:           
Range:                -20…20sl/min
Accuracy:          +/- 1.75% of reading or 0.05 sl/min
High Flow                  
Range:              -300…300sl/min
Accuracy:         +/- 1.75% of reading or 0.1 sl/min
Range:              0…10sl
Accuracy:         +/-2% of reading or 0.02sl
Differential Pressure    
Range:              -150…+150mbar (-2… +2psi)
Accuracy:         +/-0.75% of reading or 0.1mbar
High Pressure           
Range:              0…10bar (0…142psi)
Accuracy:         +/- 1% of reading or 10mbar
Vacuum Pressure
Range:              +/- 1000 mbars  (PF-301 VAC Unit Only)
Atmospheric Pressure 
Range:              0…1150mbar
Accuracy:         +/-1% of reading or 5 mbar
Range:              0…100%
Accuracy:         +/-1% O2
Range:              0…100degrees Celsius
Accuracy:         +/-1.75% of reading or 0.5degrees Celsius
Range:              0…100%
Accuracy:         +/-2% r.H.
Graphic Display:
Intuitive user interface with numeric values, statistics, volume trigger configuration, gas selection and calibration menus.
Respiratory  Parameters:
Respiratory Parameters can be measured for Pediatric, Adult and High Frequency ventilators: Vti, Vte, Vi, Ve, Rate, I:E, Ti, Te, Ration Ti/T, P/Peak, Pmean, PEEP, Pplateau, Cstat, PeakFlow Insp., PeakFlow Exp.
Communication Interfaces:
USB for PC tool FlowLab, RS232 for individual communication TTL for external Trigger and as an option: Ethernet connection
Power and Physical     
AC Input:                           90…260VAC, 50/60Hz 
Power Consumption:     10VA 
Internal Battery:               Yes
Gas Compatibility:          Air, Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Nitrogen, Helium, Heliox, Carbon Dioxid and mixtures
Gas Standards:               ATP, AP21, STP, STP Humid, BTPS, BTPD, 0/1013, 20/981, 15/1013, 20/1013, 25/991
Dimensions:                    22 x 25 x 12cm 
Weight:                             3.7kg
Environmental Data       
Temperature:                 10 to 40 degrees Celsius                     Humidity:       up to 95% r.H.
Compliance Approvals:    CE and CSA