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PREOWNED DALE 601 Electrical Safety Analyzer

PREOWNED DALE 601 Electrical Safety Analyzer
PREOWNED DALE 601 Electrical Safety Analyzer PREOWNED DALE 601 Electrical Safety Analyzer PREOWNED DALE 601 Electrical Safety Analyzer PREOWNED DALE 601 Electrical Safety Analyzer
Ex Tax: $895.00
Brand: Dale Technology
Product Code: DALE 601
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SALES LEAD TIME: 14  Days (Unit will be sent out for a fresh calibration as soon as the purchase is made)
ACCESSORIES:  Soft Carrying Case, Test Lead, Operator Manual, Calibration Certificate
The DALE601 Electrical Safety Analyzer is the industry's lowest priced full function Electrical Safety Analyzer. Unique to the DALE601 is its capability to make a broad range of external measurements. A clearly labeled single master function switch guides the user through a complete measurement procedure.
The DALE601 measures Line Voltage, Instrument Current, Ground Resistance, Earth and Chassis Leakage Current, Patient Lead-to-Ground, Lead-to-Lead and Lead Isolation (M.A.P.) Current, External Gradient, Probe and Transducer Isolation Current and Point-to-Point Resistance.The device also tests all 120-volt standard wall outlets for the proper wiring. The green and an amber light indicate five normal or fault conditions. Heavy-duty switches change polarity, open and close the neutral and select Chassis or Earth Leakage Current measurements. A four-wire Kelvin bridge eliminates reading errors in resistance due to cable length and contact resistance. True RMS measurements are provided for all current readings. The AAMI test load is utilized. The DALE601 has five (5) universal EKG lead connectors that allow for any type of lead connection.There is also a single slide switch that gives the user a choice of AAMI or IEC test load.
  • Small, lightweight, self-contained portable instrument
  • Master range meter delivers accurate measurment for each test
  • Accurate test measurements with 4-wire Kelvin bridge
  • Test method complies with AAMI load per ANSI/AAMI ES1-1993 or IEC601-1
  • Leakage Current can be measured in Open/Closed Neutral, Normal/Reversed Polarity and Open/Closed Ground.
  • All Leakage Current measurements are displayed directly in µAmps.
  • Broad range of external measurements
  • Five (5) Universal EKG Lead Connectors
  • The DALE601 is designed for 120 V operation
 Mains Voltage: 117 Volts, 50/60 Hz

Instrument Current:
Range: 0 - 19.99 Amps. 
Resolution: 10 mA 
Accuracy:5 % R

Ground (Earth) Resistance 
Range:  0 - 1.99. Accuracy: 1% R +/- 1 LSD 
            2 - 19.99. Accuracy: 2 % R +/- 1 LSD 
Resolution: 10 mOhms
Leakage Current 
Range: 0 - 1999 µAmp 
Resolution: 1 µAmp 
Accuracy: 1% R +/- 1 LSD 
DC & 25 Hz - 1kHz: 1.0% R 
1KHz - 100 KHz: 2.5% R 
100 KHz - 1 MHz: 5% R
1. Function Switch - 9 position rotary 
2. Lead Switch - 6 position rotary 
3. Neutral Switch - 2 position rocker (Open/Closed) 
4. Polarity Switch - 3 position rocker (Normal/Off/Reversed) 
5. Leakage Switch - 2 position rocker (Chassis/Earth)
DUT Power 
117 VAC, 16 Amps@ 120 V, 10 Amps @ 230 V
Physical Size: 
4.0 x 7.8 x 1.6 inches (102 x 196 x 41 mm)