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Gammex 410 Multi-Purpose Accreditation Phantom

Gammex 410 Multi-Purpose Accreditation Phantom
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Brand: Gammex, Inc
Product Code: 410
Availability: In Stock
ACCESSORIES INCLUDED:  Certificate of Calibration 
The 410 family of Ultrasound phantoms lets you pick and choose what level of testing is right for your quality assurance program.  All 410 phantoms will allow you to evaluate uniformity and artifacts, geometric accuracy and system sensitivity. This phantom provides a standard of quality assurance required for routine testing of ultrasound scanning systems.

  • Provides all the required quality control indicators for testing your ultrasound system
  • Distance accuracy
  • Image uniformity
  • Axial and lateral resolution
  • Cyst imaging capabilities
  • Dead Zone Assessments 
  • Depth of penetration
  • Compact design
  • Economical
  • The phantom utilizes the unique Tissue Mimicking gel of Gammex
  • Multiple scanning surfaces to easily test all types of transducer shapes
  • Uniformity Assessments
  • Sensitivity Assessments
  • Dead zone Assessments
  • Harmonic Imaging
Tissue Mimicking Material                         Multi Frequency HE Gel
Attenuation                                                    0.5db/cm/MHz (0.7 optional)
Length x Width x Height                             18.8cm x 9.0cm x 21.7cm
Weight                                                            2.8kg (6.2lbs)
HE Gel Freezing Point                                Below 0 degrees C
HE Gel Melting Point                                   Above 100 degrees C
Frequency Range                                        2.25 – 15 MHz
Speed of Sound                                           1540 m/s
Number of Scanning Surfaces                  2
Horizontal Geometry Groups                     3
Vertical Geometry Targets                         12
Cross Targets (Dead Zone Detection)     1

410LE-S 0.5 attenuation       805542 Multi-Purpose Accreditation Phantom          $2,315.00  
410LE-S 0.7 attenuation       805543 Multi-Purpose Accreditation Phantom          $2,315.00          
410LE-SC 0.5 attenuation    805544 Multi-Purpose Accreditation Phantom          $2,822.00          
410LE-SC 0.7 attenuation    805545 Multi-Purpose Accreditation Phantom          $2,822.00          
410LE-SCG 0.5 attenuation 805546 Multi-Purpose Accreditation Phantom          $3,330.00
410LE-SCG 0.7 attenuation 805547 Multi-Purpose Accreditation Phantom          $3,330.00

FEATURES                                410LE-S                                410LE-SC                                    410LE-SCG
Uniformity Assessments          Yes                                         Yes                                                Yes
Geometry Assessments           Yes                                         Yes                                                Yes
Sensitivity Assessments           Yes                                         Yes                                               Yes
Deadzone Assessments          Yes                                         Yes                                               Yes
Harmonic Imaging                     Yes                                         Yes                                               Yes
Multiple Transducer 
Scanning Surfaces                   Yes                                         Yes                                                Yes
Anechoic Cysts                          No                                          Yes                                                Yes
Grey Scale Targets                   No                                           No                                                 Yes