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Fluke ESA 175 Electrical Safety Analyzer
Fluke ESA 175 Electrical Safety Analyzer Fluke ESA 175 Electrical Safety Analyzer
Ex Tax: $895.00
Brand: Fluke Biomedical
Product Code: ESA 175
Availability: In Stock
SALES LEAD TIME: 14 DAYS (unit will be sent in for fresh calibration when order is placed)
WARRANTY: One year
ACCESSORIES: Soft Carrying Case, Operator Manaul (CD), Chassis Test Cable, Fresh Calibration Certificate
The 175 Electrical Safety Analyzer is ideal for performing quick electrical safety checks on electrical systems, medical devices, and physiological instrumentation. Small enough to fit in a briefcase, the analyzer works well as a bench-top instrument in the laboratory or a portable testing device in the mobile engineer’s toolbox. With its uncomplicated design, the 175 is simple to use. A single master function switch, directly labeled with the test to be performed, leads the user through a complete measurement procedure. The unit features both IEC601-1 and AAMI test loads. Technicians simply flip a switch to perform leakage measurements to a particular standard. The analyzer uses simple, yet sophisticated, electronics for true RMS measurement of current and voltage. The 175 also performs dual-lead leakage tests. 
Self-Switching 120V/240V Operation
15A for 10 minutes
Dual-Lead Testing
Operating Mains Voltage Range:  90VAC to 240VAC
Current Capacity for DUT:  Line 90VAC to 140VAC: 15A for 10min; line over 140V: 10A
Line Voltage Measurement:
Range:  90VAC to 240VAC
Accuracy:  +/- 3% of reading +/- 1 LSD
Load Current Measurement:
Range:  1A to 19.99A
Accuracy: +/- 5% of reading +/- 1 LSD
Leakage Current Measurement:
Range:  0uA to 1999uA
Accuracy: DC and 25Hz to 1kHz: +/-1% of reading +/- 1uA; 1kHz to 100kHz: +/-2.5% of reading +/- 1uA; 100kHz to 1MHz: +/-5% of reading +/- 1uA
Measurement Type:  True-rms
Isolation Test:
Isolation Source Voltage: 110% of mains, +/- 5% of reading
Current Limit: 1mA @ 120VAC
Resistance Measurement:
Range: -.01ohms to 19.99ohms
Accuracy: +/- 1% of reading +/- 1 LSD
Resolution: 0.01ohms
Current Source: 10mA dc
Environmental Requirements:
Operating Temperature: 15degrees C to 40degrees C (59degrees F to 104degrees F)
Storage Temperature:  -20degrees C to 65degrees C (-4degrees F to 149degrees F)
Relative Humidity: 90% max
Mains Voltage Range: 90VAC to 240VAC
General Information:
Display: LCD 3.5 digit
DIMS: 13.3cm x 18.4cm x 5.4cm (5.25in x 7.25in x 2.1in)
Weight: 1kg (2.25lb)