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DALE LT544DPLUS Electrical Safety Analyzer
DALE LT544DPLUS Electrical Safety Analyzer DALE LT544DPLUS Electrical Safety Analyzer
Ex Tax: $795.00
Brand: Dale Technology
Product Code: LT544DPLUS
Availability: In Stock
SALES LEAD TIME: 14 DAYS (Unit will be sent out for fresh calibration as soon as it is purchased)
ACCESSORIES: Soft Carrying Case, Test Lead, Operator Manual, Calibration Certificate

 The Dale LT544DPlus performs the tests found in the LT544DLite, with the added capabilities of measuring wall-outlet polarity, line voltage, and instrument current of the test device. It is particularly useful in dialysis clinics, labs, home healthcare organizations, service groups, and for technicians who test and maintain medical devices without ECG leads. The portability, flexibility, and price of the LT544DPlus make it the ideal companion for technicians who service multiple locations.

Line Voltage
Instrument Current
Earth-Leakage Current
Chassis-Leakage Current
Wall-Outlet Polarity

Display: LCD 3 1/2 Digits
Function Switch: 4 Positions
Neutral Switch: Closed/Open
Polarity Switch: Normal/Off/Reversed
Leakage Switch: Chassis/Earth

Measurements: Accuracy Resolution Range
Line Voltage 2% 1V 82 to 265 V 
Instrument Current 5% 10mA 0 to 19.99A
Earth Chassis: 1% 10Mohms 0 to 1.99ohms
Resistance: 2% 10Mohms 2 to 19.99ohms
Leakage Current: 1% 1uA 0 to 1999uA

Wall Outlet Polarity: 5 Conditions

Test Load:

Power Supply: 
Input: 85 to 265 VAC, 50/60Hz
Rating: 15A for 30 min, 20A for 2 min

Dimensions: 3.5" L x 7.0"W x 1.5" H (8.9cm L x 17.8cm W x 3.8cm H)
Weight: 2lbs (907g)