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AMC&E Yellow Jacket ECG Simulator

AMC&E Yellow Jacket ECG Simulator
AMC&E Yellow Jacket ECG Simulator
Ex Tax: $395.00
Brand: AMC&E
Product Code: SL-1
Availability: In Stock

WARRANTY: 4 years
ACCESSORIES: Operator Manual, Calibration Certificate, 

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Light weight and durable ECG simulator offers 10 year battery life with sleep mode. 10 ECG snaps or banana plug sockets for ECG or EKG testing. 


Physical Dimensions:
Size: 7" x 1.25" x 0.8" (17cm x 3.2cm x 2.0cm)
Weight: 4oz (0.1kg)
Power: Internal Lithium Thionyl Chloride with 5 to 10 year continuous usage battery life, depending on usage)
ECG: 10 ECG snaps 4mm and 1/8" banana grooves

User Interface
Single Button Operation: Single Click = Change Mode

HR steps: 30, 60, 90, 120, 240 BPM automatically steps through each for 30 second intervals.....push button to step to next BPM

ECG Simulator:
Isolated: Yes
R Wave Size: 1mV (lead II) =/- 10%
Wave Shape: QRS Wave
Connection: 10 snaps, plus 4mm and 1/8" banana grooves
Rates: 30,60,90,120,240 BPM

Case Material: Molded from Lexan 0.1" wall thickness
Case Construction: Clamshell with 10 #4-40 fasteners all the way through both case parts and 4 plastic corner fasteners
Attachments: Rugged key chain attachement for securing to belt, lanyard, etc.
Labeling: All necessary instructions and data are printed on laminated label