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Datrend IncuTest Infant Incubator & Radiant Warmer Testing System

Datrend IncuTest Infant Incubator & Radiant Warmer Testing System
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Brand: Datrend Systems, Inc
Product Code: Datrend IncuTest
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WARRANTY: 5 Year Warranty
ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: AC Adapter, One AA Battery, Blade Set, Operator Manual, Calibration Certificate


IncuTest is a portable datalogging system for temperature, air flow, sound level and humidity, specifically configured to test infant incubators, transport incubators and radiant warmers to applicable IEC performance standards. The data collection system is designed to operate for up to 48 hours from a rechargeable 4.8VDC nickel-metal hydride (4 AA cells) battery, or alternatively, from a 5VDC switchmode AC adapter. The sensors and the data collection system are placed inside the incubator, and external to the device under test (DUT), a user interface based on a netbook type computer communicates wirelessly to the sensor system and provides the user with the ability to control the test operation and display the results without disturbing the test environment. The size and configuration is defined by the end-user's need to easily carry the instrument from one room, department, or institutional area to another, combined with the physical position the sensors must be placed within the DUT. As such, the tester is not intended to operate hand-held, but occupies a small footprint on a lab bench, table, cart or possibly on top of the DUT itself. IncuTest incorporates all the functionality necessary to meet the requirements of the IEC standards. The IncuTest incorporates a graphical/touch screen user interface which interfaces wirelessly to 5 temperature sensors, 1 airflow sensor, 1 sound level meter and 1 humidity sensor. The IncuTest also incorporates a non-volatile memory or "data log" which is used to save test data, such tests typically being conducted by the user over several hours or days.


IEC 60601-2-191 is a standard which specifies safety and performance requirements for a baby incubator. Some of the parameters that lend themselves to testing are temperature, sound level, air flow and humidity. These parameters are monitored at specific locations within the incubator and are expected to conform to the values defined by the Standard. IncuTest provides the mechanical framework to hold the sensors in the appropriate locations, and provides the ability to adjust the framework to fit incubators and warmers of various sizes. IncuTest provides 5 temperature sensors which are positioned according to the standard, with one central sensor and one sensor in the center of each of four quadrants on the mattress. The central sensor is an integral component of the data collection and wireless communication hub of the system. In addition to the 5 temperature sensors, Incutest provides airflow, sound level and humidity sensors in separate packages which connect to the central hub. The test protocols are designed to perform all the temperature tests in one contiguous time block to avoid numerous long heating and cooling cycles. Tests of airflow, sound or humidity are performed either before or after the temperature tests so that the sensors can be moved about in the incubator without disrupting a temperature test.

FOR THE SPECIFICATIONS AND OPERATOR MANUAL CLICK HERE: http://www.datrend.com/index.php?page=incutest