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Pronk Technologies SC-4 Mini NIBP Tester Kit

Pronk Technologies SC-4 Mini NIBP Tester Kit
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Brand: Pronk Technologies
Product Code: Pronk Technologies SC-4KIT
Availability: In Stock

WARRANTY: Four-Year Manufacturer warranty

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: The SC-4KIT includes an SC-4 with all NIBP adapters(5), the Battery Boost Option , Cuff Jacket Duo, Soft Carrying Case, AC Adapter, Operator Manual, Calibration Certificate 
FUNCTIONS INCLUDE: NIBP, Arrhythmia, ECG, Pacer, Resp, Peak Detect, Alarm Test, Leak Detect

The Battery Option (shown here as part of the SC-4KIT) includes both our Battery Boost module and a specially-modified carrying case.  The Battery Boost module produces the 6V supply required by the SimCube from a set of 4 "AA" alkaline or NiMH batteries.  The 6V output is maintained even as the battery voltage drops from 6V down to around 3V during discharge, providing for 150-250 accurate NIBP simulations from a single set of batteries.  The case also provides storage for all NIBP adapters as well as the Bulb Adapter, spare batteries, and AC adapter.  The Battery Boost module slides easily out of the case for quick battery replacement.  The AC adapter is stored in a convenient  outside zip pocket, and the Battery Boost module automatically switches to AC operation whenever the unit is plugged in.  AC status and battery status are shown on the Battery Boost module LED display.  Compatible with SC-3SC-4 and SC-5.  

The SimCube SC-4 combines the functions of both a manometer (pressure gauge) and an NIBP simulator.  The SC-4 NIBP function has five modes:  Manometer (+/- 400mmHg), Adult (120/80 mmHg), Neonatal (70/40 mmHg), Hypertensive (190/120 mmHg), and Hypotensive (80/40 mmHg).  A single button toggles through each of the modes. Ten snaps provide 3-, 5-, or 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) simulation at 3 heartrates (70, 95, Asystole) plus a Heartrate sequence, as well as Arrhythmia, Pacer, and 3 Resp rates with a Resp Sequence. An Alarm Test mode toggles the ECG Heart Rate and Respiration values between 47/00 bpm and 160/80 bpm every 30s.  Peak Detect (Overpressure) measurement and Leak Rate measurement functions are provided. The SC-4 is compatible with the Battery Boost Option.

Physical Dimensions: Size 3”x 3” x 3.5” (7.6cm X 7.6cm  X 8.9cm) 
Weight: 2.5 Lbs 
Power External A/C Adaptor: (Output: 6VDC / 2amps, 2.1mm, center positive connector) or 4 AA Batteries (with Battery Boost Option) 
NIBP Connection: Quick Disconnect, Female 
ECG/Resp Connection : 10 ECG snaps 
Manometer Range:  - 400 to + 400 mmHg 
Precision:  0.1 mmHg 
Accuracy:  +/- 1 mmHg 
User Interface: Single Button Operation  

Adult NIBP, Neo NIBP,  Hypertensive NIBP,  Hypotensive NIBP,  Manometer,  Peak Detect,  HR Seq.,  Alarm Test, ECG Pace ON, Arrhythmia Sequence,  Heart Rate Sequence,   

NIBP Adult Simulation:   
Simulated Pressure: 120/80 (97) mmHg 
Simulated Heart Rate  70 bpm 
Simulated Pulse Volume 1 ml 

NIBP Neonatal Simulation    
Simulated Pressure: 70/40 (52) mmHg 
Simulated Heart Rate:  95 bpm 
Simulated Pulse Volume: 0.25 ml

NIBP Hypertensive Simulation    
Simulated Pressure: 190/120 (146) mmHg 
Simulated Heart Rate:  70 bpm 
Simulated Pulse Volume: 1 ml

NIBP Hypotensive Simulation    
Simulated Pressure: 80/40 (58) mmHg 
Simulated Heart Rate:  70 bpm 
Simulated Pulse Volume: 1 ml

ECG Simulation   
Isolated: Yes 
Synchronized with NIBP: Yes 
R Wave Size: 1mV (lead I) +/- 5% 
R Wave Width: 35 ms 
Wave Shape:  QRS wave 
Connection : 10 Snaps 
Simulation Rates:  70, 95, Asystole, Arrhythmia, Pacer, HR seq. 
HR Sequence:  30 seconds each of:30, 60, 90, 120, 45, 160, and 220 bpm

Pacer Simulation    
Synchronized with NIBP:  Yes 
Pacer Size:  3 mV 
Pacer Width : 1.2 ms

Respiration Simulation    
Isolated : Yes 
Synchronized with NIBP: Yes 
Wave Shape:  Square Wave 
Size:  4 Ohm 
Simulation rates:  20, 40, Apnea, Sequence = 00, 30, 45, 60, 22, 30, 80, 110.

Arrhythmia Simulation   
 Cardiac failure sequence: ~ 90 seconds of normal beats interspersed with PVCs and Runs, followed by ~30 seconds of VTAC, followed by ~30 seconds of VFIB, concluding with ~30 seconds of asystole.  
Peak Detect   
Precision 1.0mmHg 
Voltage Range: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz