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Fluke Biomedical ESA 609
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Brand: Fluke Biomedical
Product Code: ESA 609
Availability: In Stock
WARRANTY: One Year Warranty
ACCESSORIES: Soft Carrying Case, Operator Manual, Calibration Certificate, 15 Amp Power Cord, Test Lead


The ESA609 Electrical Safety Analyzer is a rugged portable and easy to use analyzer designed for general electrical safety testing. Engineered for on the go technicians, the ESA609 requires no training to use and has a rubberized case that allows it to sustain the rigor of transportation, and helps prevent damage when accidently dropped. 


Test Standard Selections:   ANSI/AAMI ES-1/NFPA99, IEC62353, IEC60601-1

Mains Voltage Measurement

Range:   90.0 to 264.0 V AC RMS
Accuracy:  +/- (2% of reading + 0.2V)

Earth Resistance:

Modes:  Two Wire
Test Current:  > 200 mA dc
Range:  0.000 ohms to 20.000 ohms
Accuracy: +/- (1% of reading + 0.010 ohms)
Duty Cycle:  Earth Resistance and Point to Point

Equipment Current:

Mode: AC RMS
Range: 0.0A to 20.0A
Accuracy:  +/- (5% of reading + (2 counts or 0.2A, whichever is greater))
Duty Cycle:  15A to 2A, 5 min on / 5 min off,  10A to 15 A, 7 min on / 3 min off, 0A to 10A, continuous

Leakage Current:

Modes: True-RMS
Patient Load Selection:  AAMI ES1-1993 Fig. 1, IEC 60601: Fig. 15
Crest Factor:  Less than or equal to 3
Ranges: 0.0uA to 1999.9uA accuracy
DC to 1kHz:  +/- (1% of reading + (1uA, whichever is greater))
1kHz to 100kHz: +/- (2.5% of reading + (1uA, whichever is greater))
100kHz to 1MHz: +/- (5% of reading + (1uA, whichever is greater))
Leakage Tests:  Ground Wire (earth), Chassis (enclosure), Direct Equipment, Point to Point

ESA609 DATA SHEET (click here)

ESA609 VIDEO (click here)