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DALE EHS 12 ECG Simulator

DALE EHS 12 ECG Simulator
DALE EHS 12 ECG Simulator DALE EHS 12 ECG Simulator
Ex Tax: $395.00
Brand: Dale Technology
Product Code: EHS 12
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SALES LEAD TIME: 14 DAYS (to get a fresh calibration before shipping)
ACCESSORIES: Carrying Case, Operator Manual, Calibration Certificate


The Dale EHS12 Simulator is a compact, self-powered device that provide ten (10) different waveform selections. There are four (4) ECG waveforms (from 30 to 240 BPM) with constant QRS duration, and six (6) ECG machine performance testing waveforms. Accurate performance is assured by the built-in test capabilities that monitor battery condition and proper circuit functioning.

The unit is designed with a CMOS microcomputer which synthesizes the output waveforms from stored data. Digital information is converted to accurate analog waveforms which are then sent to the appropriate output terminals. Waveform accuracy is determined by highly stable crystal frequency sources and reference voltage devices.